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Our Products

eSphered Inc. is actively developing products to enhance the veterinary and animal care professions. We are currently focused on the imminent launch of our vKey veterinary reference tool. Several products will follow the launch of vKey.

eSphered Inc. Products

vKey v1.5

vKey is the first usb key based veterinary reference tool. vKey simplifies calculations, protocols, medical records, document storage, and several other common veterinary tasks. vKey has launched and available now!

vKey Web Site 


VetWares is a whimsical division of eSphered Inc. that has a bit of fun with veterinary medicine. Offering t-shirts, hats, mugs and other veterinary-related attire, it shows the ligther side of the profession.

VetWares Web Site 

Zoo 101

Zoo 101, currently in development, is the interactive, educational zoo keeping game for children. It teaches about animals, conservation and environment in a fun and encouraging environment.

Veterinary Kits

Veterinary Kits are client education tools for veterinarians. They greatly simplify the often time-intensive client education process, while providing a great value-added service to veterinary clinic clients.

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