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About eSphered Inc.

eSphered Inc. was founded by a team of veterinarians with extensive clinical experience in companion animal clinical practice, emergency hospital medicine and zoo animal medicine and husbandry. Given our veterinary background, we understand the veterinary and animal care related fields.

We base our growth and direction on the needs of the the veterinary and animal care professions. Our company looks for opportunities to help professionals within the field through the development of innovative products. To do this, we are continually evaluating ideas that offer the potential to fill unique niches within the profession.

What We Do

Our Products

Our company makes products that are designed specifically for professionals within the veterinary / animal care fields. Our products help to make these professions a little bit easier, safer and more fun. For more information on the products that we offer, see our Products page.

Mission Statement

We are an ethics-driven company. We strive to maintain the highest standards in quality and customer service, while providing products that are unique, innovative and useful to the veterinary and animal care professions.

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