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DVM Symbol eSphered Inc. makes products for veterinarians, zoos and other animal-related professions. Our products are targetted to unique niches that fill specific needs and that add value to the profession.

eSphered Inc. is a leader in providing innovative products to the veterinary and animal-related market. Our company has an extensive experience in the veterinary and zookeeping professions. As such, our products are designed from first-hand experience and a in-depth understanding of the professions they are developed for.

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Introducing vKey

vKey is professional, portable veterinary reference software. It quickly calculate fluid rates, double check dosages, conveniently converts units and much more.

vKey Available Now

We are proud to announce that after extensive development, vKey version 1.5 is now available. To learn more, please visit the vKey web site.

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eSphered Inc. is a private corporation that was founded to provide the veterinary and animal-related professions with unique and useful products that add true value to the profession. Our company was founded with strong ethical standards, and we strive to provide the highest quality products to our clients. Learn more

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